Thursday, April 16, 2009

Very Busy

We have been remodeling our house for almost 2 years now (since we bought it anyways) and we have finally gotten to the kitchen! Well, since we had to clear out the kitchen of EVERYTHING, we were not able to cook. We are thankful enough for all of our families for having us over for dinner every night this last week so we had a place to eat! While at Papa & Mimi's (Kristina's mom and dad's house), Bailee was able to enjoy the nice weather in their field. She was having so much fun and enjoyed the time with her Papa.

During the remodel, our house has been a little messy. Somehow, somewhere (I'm not sure where) Bailee found Mommy's swim goggles and decided she had to try them on. I was suprised she allowed me to take her picture!


Easter was a very busy time for us. Bailee went to Mimi's house and colored eggs with her Mimi and cousins, Kyrie and Haylie. Haylie was able to be with us this year from Salt Lake City and we definately enjoyed our time with her (although it was short). We love you Haylie and can't wait for your return this summer.


Our weather this year didn't allow our little girl to get dressed up in her precious little easter dress, but that is definately OK. For those of you who know her very well, this outfit was a better fit for her personality anyways. We woke up to a cloudy cold and wet morning so she picked out her outfit for the day. Her choice was her mouse costume and rubber boots. How could we tell her no? She was so cute!

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